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August 16, 2009
Can you spare $1.00?

Can you spare $1.00?

I have just learned that the woman who allowed Florica to use her home for the art classes has changed her mind.  She no longer wants all those children in her home.  (I can’t say that I blame her, but it is the children who will suffer once again).  Florica and Florry have been out of town visiting family for the past two weeks and haven’t been to the village yet with the art supplies.  The second box of supplies should arrive this week. 

All is not lost though!  There is an abandoned nursery school in the village.  Florica will be meeting with the mayor to see if it’s possible she hold her classes there.  Of course there will have to be something done about electricity and wood for heat in the winter,  but she will cross that bridge when she gets there.  Please keep your fingers crossed everyone!

Meanwhile, the donations are dribbling in.  Please check our DONATIONS RECEIVED page to see what we have received so far.  Florry and Florica will be buying the first batch of groceries this week and are planning on delivering them to the village on Friday.  Stay tuned for pictures of some VERY happy faces!

Until later, be well 🙂


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