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Tika Newman helps Tagadau Families

July 31, 2009
The Eyes of Innocence (book1)

The Eyes of Innocence (book1)

Hello everyone and welcome 🙂   I am Tika Newman, author of The Eyes of Innocence series. My reason for starting this blog, however, is not to promote my books. 

I have recently learned of a destitute village in Romania.  The Village of Tagadau-Arad-Romania is the ‘forgotten’ village.  Churches don’t help, their government doesn’t help.  Romania is a poor country and the money just isn’t there.  The only assistance this village has is an angel named Florica, who grew up in this village.  Others grow up and some are able to leave.  Nobody comes back to help; only Florica.

Florica’s life in the village was just as terrible as the lives of the people who live there now. Many have no homes, many cannot feed their children. There is a ten-year-old blind girl and a two-year-old boy who is unable to walk.   Their parents can’t afford medical help.  Life seems hopeless for these families.

Florica is retired and spends her own pension money to do what she can. She runs art classes for approximately twenty children, she just returned from a week long camping trip with a large group of children. She had a bit of money donated from one woman, but used her own monies to buy the food for this trip.  Florica is a wonderful woman, but no one can do it alone.  

Please send donations through paypal.

1.  Log into your account and click Send money tab.

2.  click on Personal (for personal donation) and select Gift

3.  Enter the amount you would like to donate

4.  Type in   

5.  Click Send

We thank you for any help you can give.

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